Founded in 1921, Concordia's Religious Studies program is historically based in the Lutheran tradition and continues to dedicate itself to critical reflection on the place of Christianity in the world and, consequently, studies the classic texts and thought of the Christian tradition including dialogue with modern culture and other religious traditions.

For a persuasive article on "why study religion?" see here.  Religious Studies courses develop great skills!  See here.

Within Concordia's Philosophy program you will study some of the greatest minds in the history of philosophy to connect you with the ideas of the past, illuminate the beliefs of the present and provide the tools for a future filled with philosophic understanding. Have you ever wondered about the existence and nature of God? Have you talked with friends about the possibility of life after death, or whether the mind is more than just the brain? If you have, then you have already engaged philosophy.

Our faculty is here to work with students from all points of view, is actively involved in research and lectures, and strives to foster engaging classroom discussions. Indeed, the diversity of the student body lends itself to discussions from many perspectives. Our Graduate Program offers advanced studies and encourages applicants in the areas of Biblical, Theological, Historical and Philosophical studies. 

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